Scott Donnelly

BCM50 SIP DTMF update 2

The BCM50 sends SIP INFO messages for DTMF. using Asterisk’s SIPDtmfMode() application, the DTMF send mode can be forced to in-band. Since the call has been set up as G711, in-band DTMF will still be intelligible by the far end. I have tested this in our lab set-up, and it works fine, so that is issue 1 out of the way. As for issue 2, I have placed a call to a number which I know will not answer (Looks like I’m the only mug that works on a Saturday :-) ). The call rang out for over 2 minutes before receiving a SIP 486 (user busy) from Voiceflex, with their Asterisk server setting X-Asterisk-HangupCause as “Network out of order”. 2 minutes seems like plenty of time to be ringing to me, most likely this is limited by a max ringing timeout timer somewhere along the line, either at Voiceflex or on the PSTN.