Scott Donnelly

WP Update

I’ve been putting it off for a while but I’ve now moved the back end DB to MySQL 5 from the old 4 DB at my hosts, allowing me to upgrade WP. Anyone else using wordpress, I’m sure I don’t need to underscore the importance of staying up-to-date - see Scobleizer for an example.

Plugins like WP Security Scan and Akimset are great ways to help improve your blog’s security. Also, have some great tips. If anybody has any other tips, plugins, or even tales of what can happen with poor WP security, let us know below.

Anyways I took the time to change theme and have a freshen up of the blog, the old theme was starting to bug me, as well as adding some cool Twitter integration - via Tweet Blender, and Twitter Tools (anyone have any good suggestions for other Twitter plugins?)

Thanks to Alex King for making a load of cool plugins, see here for a list, there’s some great stuff there.

Anyways I’m gonna try and post a bit more frequently (the blogger’s lament - if I had a pound for every time I’d read that on a blog (and another pound for each time I saw that written followed by a massive gap with no posts!) )… so watch this space.