Scott Donnelly

Limesurvey Ticks All My Boxes.

I recently had to source and implement a means of creating, distributing, and reporting customer satisfaction surveys. I had a look around and after a bit of research narrowed things down to SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and LimeSurvey. I settled for LimeSurvey in the end because:

<li>It is free - as a LAMP based web app, all you need is a web server to install it to and you get full functionality. SurveyMonkey and its ilk charge to be able to have more than ten question surveys; LimeSurvey allows you as many surveys with as many questions to as many recipients as you like.</li>
<li>It is extremely customizeable and flexible. 20 question types, skip logic, and a built in template editor.</li>
<li>Did I mention it's free?</li>

Google Forms is a great solution for simple, generic looking surveys with simpler question types, but LimeSurvey is a fully integrated survey application with comprehensive reporting, token based email invites / reminders, and plenty more besides. After a straightforward install and short learning period, I had knocked out a great looking survey in no time, with the template matching the company colours and badged with the logo. The surveys are hosted on a subdomain of our website and the emails appear to originate from our domain, so the overall feel is very professional. Anyone looking to implement something similar could do a lot worse than to get yourself over to LimeSurvey for the download.